Step Into Clarity – Tools For Transformation Workshop Jan 2018

This was really nice & I feel much more at peace, please keep doing what you do! SN

It was amazing as always, I am so grateful to you Winnie for helping me on my path to greatness. KB

A unity of like minded people, mentor, support network, useful tools, allowing time for me. LB

Inner work, the opportunity to go within, a wonderful group who one could feel safe with, not always guaranteed, but today’s group was a success.  FH

It’s amazing how transformative it can be, thank you Winnie, for this journey, IW

Amazing start to the year, essential for everyone! SA

Verbal/visual guidance was great- all of it! GA


Envisioning into 2017 – Live your Dream Workshop – Jan 2017

See what some of the participants had to say:

9/10 – A safe space to release & shift all things needing to be cleared (KB)

9¾/10 Everything was needed– want monthly follow up (MA)

9/10 Time to think strategically (LD)

8/10 Excellent value for money, I though it might be a bit wacky but it wasn’t.  Your work needs to reach a wider audience (LB)

10/10 Excellent workshop (Dr P)

10/10 – Burning bowl was amazing, so professionally done and administered as always (SA)



Coaching/One command

I would like to recommend the One Command system that Winniefred Carneiro took me through in the Summer, when I started in June.
Having been through the individual sessions where I stated my aims were to:
Get a new job, better paid and Lose weight, I found new momentum at the beginning of August.
I found that I spent the first two weeks looking over jobs and filling in applications, the results of which was an interview and subsequent job offer.
I have also found out I have lost two kilos in weight!
I was recommending Winnie only yesterday to a friend who has her own issues. I would recommend the One Command to anyone, it is very straight forward and Winnie makes the whole thing a simple process, but its very effective.

S Lynch, Sept 2015


Over the years I have attend a good range of therapy sessions. Yes… many of them help you to function better, to boost your energy or even to set up your mind into a direction that you might think is the right one. It is true that it is not a straightforward way, it can be extensive and you can sometimes struggle to arrive at a “place” of your dreams.

However, last month I have experienced the powerful session conducted by beloved and blessed Winnie. It provides me with quality information and results – One Command. As the name says with One Command, I was staggered by what I achieved by the end of one arduous period in my life. The commanding is one of the most powerful technique for bringing what is our innate abilities to manifest and create a new currently reality. It broke my old and dusty behaviours, thoughts and believes by imposing my new choices.

Winnie delivered the sessions with amazing blend of humour, integrity, caring and passion for this new and impressive technique. The impact for me has been exceptional and exquisite showing that my negative emotions (which some I could not even think I would have) can easily change. After a short period of time, for example, following by The Command, I was able to communicate in a much better way, I could promptly speak up without fears and resentments which followed every corner of my life. 

Thank you Winnie for serving and empowering me to achieve beyond what my believes could reach

L Dolenga, Sept 2015
My sessions with Winnie have been a really positive and enlightening experience. Winnie creates a really sacred and safe space in which to conduct her work and her direct and humourous approach to explaining what is happening during the session left me feeling relaxed and at ease. I first came to Winnie feeling stuck in some areas in my life and she was incredibly helpful in helping me release those blocks. I was struggling with feelings of self-worth which stemmed from old family values and Winnie was able to help me recognise and release these limiting patterns of behaviour. The process was very gentle and relaxing and throughout the session I would often feel waves of emotion or sensations as I let go of some of these patterns of thinking. Sometimes I would have flashbacks of childhood experiences or I would feel some tingling sensations in my body or see a lot of colours. Following the sessions I began to notice and be more aware of my behaviour and actions in everyday life more and would subsequently react and behave in a more positive and empowering manner. Peoples reactions to me would change and I felt as though I was seen and heard more in both my work and personal life. I felt better understood by those around me and far more confident to speak my truth. I highly recommend Winnie and her services to anyone who feels lost, is experiencing blocks in their lives or just needs to feel grounded and centred again. She really does create a fantastic space for the sessions and makes you feel supported and guided through every step of the process. She is excellent at tailoring her sessions to suit your specific needs so you really do feel the sessions are just for you and your personal needs. Definitely not a one size approach fits all. I will definitely continue to turn to Winnie for guidance throughout my life and would always recommend her to anyone else I know too. She’s fantastic!
R Lewis, Taiwan, August 2015
“Winniefred worked tirelessly with me over the course of three months, and was instrumental in helping me sort through myriad issues while I recreated my life to be in alignment with who I am.  The progress I experienced while working with Winnie was amazing.  With her intuitive insights and tremendous compassion, she gently guided me in the direction I needed to go.  Winnie believed in me even when I wanted to give up on myself.  If you are finally ready to make the changes you’ve been dreaming about and truly step into your greatest life and claim your power, I highly recommend having Winnie by your side as your One Command Executive Success Coach!”
S Robinson, London, August 2015

Metaphysics courses

“I can’t say enough about the excellent course of the Introduction to Self-Awareness run by Winnie (MSEC facilitator). It has graciously delivered and surpassed my expectations. Her dedication to us and the guidance during the course was singular and unique. We always have challenges in life but equally we have support. From this perception we understand that we are complete. It is easily forgetful. The content is an eye-opening and awakening for the truly us, our true essence and real purpose in life. Brilliant course. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you! thank You! Thank You!”
 Le Dolenga, London, March 2015

“Metaphysics has been an integral part of my life for several years now. Taking responsibility and accepting that my thoughts are creating my reality, helped me to turn my life around. I decided to enrol on the ‘Introduction to Self Awareness Course’ to dig deeper in my journey of self discovery – it certainly did that! Winnie is a wonderful tutor, she created a safe space for us to open our minds and hearts to some truly powerful and inspiring teachings. A heartfelt thank you Winnie – I am really keen to start the next part of the course with you.”
K Beale, London, April 2015
“For somebody who is new to Metaphysics I found this course a real eye opener in such a positive way.  Winnie was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot speak highly of her enough. Winnie taught with patience and humour but most of all made us realise that our individual power lies within us. Winnie showed us the tools and techniques to use it. I will most certainly carry on my journey in self awareness, as for me it’s only just begun.”
L Blight, London, April 2015

Winnifred offered me some hypnotherapy sessions last year and I was interested so signed up.

I didn’t think it was hypnosis; it was very relaxed and easy. Sitting in her therapy room she’d taken down all the things I had wanted to change in my life.

Through a series of meetings, recordings and activities I had to do at home, I found that my expectations had slowly changed. I had made an impact on long held habits. I was very happy with the results of my sessions and would recommend Winnifred for her professionalism, insight and results.

Suzie Lynch, London, 2015


I have been visiting Winnie for several years, she is an extremely gifted healer, who brings warmth, kindness and generosity of spirit to all her sessions. During difficult and often emotionally stressful times in my life Winnie has given me the guidance, clarity and strength to find my own truth.  She is highly perceptive and compassionate and whether it be  intuitive readings, healing or EFT, I have always left her sessions feeling calm and ready for anything.   Over the years Winnie has specifically tailored a number of psychotherapy counselling sessions  to my needs which have massively helped when I have experienced job problems, as well as relationship issues.  She is a wonderful person and healer and I feel blessed to have met her, and to have the fortunate opportunity to be a regular client.

                                                                                      R M Lewis, London, UK, 2012


I find having an aromatherapy massage with Winnie Carneiro very enjoyable, relaxing and uplifting, she always gets to the heart of what the problem is and I have complete faith that she will make me feel better.  She must be doing me a lot of good as I keep going back and have done for around 20 years now.

                                                                                      P E Bennett, Surrey, UK 2012

“Excellent services, very professional, but what sets Winniefred apart from everyone else in these fields of expertise are her special intuitive gifts that engage with your psyche as she works with you.  In particular, her Aromatherapy Full Body Massage with essential oils is both a physical work-out for the muscle structure as well as relaxation for mind and body.  I have also experienced a deep personal sense of wellbeing under Winnifred’s healing hands during Reflexology and Healing – the accuracy with which she pin points troublesome areas of the body is truly amazing!


 The workshops Winnifred provides are well organised and executed in easily accessible locations.  The knowledge I have gained from her thoroughly researched and well prepared material I have carried with me over the years, and utilised whenever life has taken a turn for the worse or proved difficult, and during the good times it has helped me correct my work/life balance”.

                                                                                  S Aindow, Kent, UK, 2013

Intuitive Consultations

Winnie is a gifted spiritual intuitive who has helped me a number times to clarify challenges that were part of my life at that time. She is skilled at using a number of modalities (Psychotherapy, Pyscho-Spiritual Counselling, EFT, Theta, Energy Healing) and is able to quickly discern and apply the one that is most appropriate for each particular situation. Winnie demonstrates high level intellect, knowledge and understanding when applying her expertise while she works as well as when teaching others about the background and theory of her spiritual intuitive work. As with her as her Intuitive Consultations,  Winnie is able to articulate clearly and succinctly on-to-one as well as workshops style speaking comfortably in front of groups of people.  Reassuring, kind and articulate – she offers healing, comfort and intellectual resourcefulness in all she does – providing outstanding service. 

                                                      P Sandell, Phoenix, USA, 2012
                                                                   Business Coach


Winniefred gave me my angel reading and reiki session on separate occasions.  My reiki session – I was, to say the least, sceptical, but as Winnie’s hands hovered over my body, (not touching any part of my physical body) she knew the spots on my body that had caused me pain (physical and emotional).  All the while my eyes were closed but I saw an array of colours, from vibrant purple to blues and greens!  It was beautiful.

My angel reading came at a tough time in my life (but it got much tougher six months later).  Winnie told me that I would eventually have happy families but not as I was expecting.  My husband passed away suddenly less than a year later, but nine years on, my family is happy now – my children and I have worked though a lot of grief/baggage etc., and I believe we’ve come through the other side.

Winnie told me lots more, but what I remember most was coming home walking, and in every cloud formation in the beautiful, blue June afternoon sky, was an angel.  I felt blessed and loved.  Thank you Winnie.

                                                                                S Lynch, S E London, 2013

Complementary Therapies

Over the years I have had the opportunity and privilege of being treated by Winniefred and take this opportunity to recommend her as a highly skilled professional therapist, who has a genuine interest in her client’s well-being and feelings.  Each visit to her makes it always worthwhile as I have always come away feeling well in the positive difference her treatments have made to my well-being.

                                                                           S D’Costa, Chef, SE London, 2013


I have Multiple Sclerosis and was diagnosed in 1994 and my Specialist at the time recommended me to try Reflexology and taking certain vitamins for support.  At the time I was trying to lose weight and as I had to take a high dosage of vitamins, I thought I would give Reflexology a try instead.  My son’s best friend told me his aunt was a ‘foot doctor’ and gave me Winniefred’s telephone number.  I was a bit apprehensive at first but Winniefred explained to me what reflexology helps with (and that she wasn’t a foot doctor).  My first session was a great experience for me and I have carried on since.  Not only has it made me feel better but I believe it has kept my MS at bay and I would certainly recommend it to everyone.

Not only has it kept my MS under control but Winnie also suspected I had a stone in my digestive system.  My gall bladder had been taken out 10 years earlier.  When I went to have it checked out with a scan there was in fact a stone in my bile duct which had to have removed and it was all thanks to Winniefred.

I have had experience of her utilising her healing skills with Spiritual healing at other occassions for some very challenging health situations not related to the MS and this too was a great support to me and I have continued to come through on the other side of well being.   All I can say for Winnie’s wide body of work is,  “go on and give it a try and I am proof that it works”.

                                                                                    V Hortas, SE London, 2013

I saw Winniefred  in November 2012 for a 20 minute chakra clearing taster session at an Angels Healing Heart Fayre during which Winneifred advised that I need to “speak my truth”. I am a nutritional therapist, however my main source of income comes from administrative work which no longer fulfils me. Hearing that I need to speak my truth  inspired me into action to create the possibility of earning my current employed income via self-employment, which is now imminent. I plan to be fully self employed and earning double my current income by the end of July.
For me this is huge as I will finally be following my life purpose which is to help as many people as possible live a life of optimal health and well being.
                                                   Andrea Grandson, Nutritional Therapist, March 2013

Winnifred offered me some hypnotherapy sessions last year and I was interested so signed up.

I didn’t think it was hypnosis; it was very relaxed and easy. Sitting in her therapy room she’d taken down all the things I had wanted to change in my life.

Through a series of meetings, recordings and activities I had to do at home, I found that my expectations had slowly changed. I had made an impact on long held habits. I was very happy with the results of my sessions and would recommend Winnifred for her professionalism, insight and results.

Suzie Lynch, London, 2015