Energy Therapies


Healing is the natural state of re-balancing stress that affects the physical body and psychologial state of mind.  It is a return to wholeness and helps balance the mind, body and soul to allow you to find inner peace and harmony.

All forms of therapeutic ‘healing approaches’ come from the same source, ‘Universal Energy’.  It is the method of application that is different for each modality, each therapist and client.

I invite you to explore the various modalities I practise, which I have utilised over the years, to see if there is a specific therapy that you would like to work with to create dynamic change in your life.  I have worked with energy healing throughout my life and since creating my holistic practice in 1997, I continually update and refine my  skills through further education in my field.

Please note that all energy and complementary therapy sessions will require a consultation process at the first appointment.


Please note that at all sessions I will undertake a case history and if you are under the care of the medical profession for treatment, I am duly informed and also if you need to be referred to a specialist for your health care if it is outside of the scope of my role as a therapist.