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Due to the current government rulings on corona virus I have changed the structure of my in person clinic and now run a virtual online services for all but most of my offerings – reflexology sessions and energy healing sessions take place in person but under government and therapy guidance , this will be in line with local county lockdown so please be aware that in person appointments will be put on hold currently.   Otherwise all my sessions apart from reflexology can be conducted online.  My clinical hours have now changed to 7.30pm online Mon-Fri.  10am -3pm Sat for in person and in line with current Government and Covid restrictions  – thank you for your understanding…your health and safety is paramount as is mine.

International clients Friday – Sun online late sessions.

Hello,  I’m Winniefred Carneiro, M.A, the founder of Wynsworld Therapies.

As a Spiritual Transformational Catalyst I assist clients to overcome difficult challenges and who are looking for holistic and practical solutions to create balance in their emotional, physical and mental approaches to life and that incorporates a holistic and spiritual platform.

“My mission is to awaken the light of inner awareness within you to help you live the life that you desire and to bring forward your gifts and talents to the world”

My Transformative Approach

I have been in practice for over 20 years staring in as a therapist in 1997, and now with the benefit of modern technology I am also able to assist clients from all around the world via Zoom/Sykpe or telephone.

My journey began over 30 years ago with training in personal development starting with holistic complementary therapy approaches working with the body, clinical academic training in counselling and talk therapy modalities and cutting edge energy psychology approaches.

So who do I work with?

I tend to work with individuals ,  who are in the midst of a career change and are seeking an Integrative,  Spiritually orientated approach which can include the use of energy therapy modalities towards addressing challenges in their life that they want to handle more effectively or work towards changing in business or personal life with specific outcomes.  These clients have tried conventional talk therapies approaches with little success

How do you know if this is you?

You might seem to tick all the categories such as:

  •  A successful career, climbing up the corporate ladder
  • A demanding job
  • In a relationship with a significant other
  • May have a home and children and are raising a family
  • May be searching yet again for the ‘right’ job
  • Have tried lots of things/paths and nothing seems to ‘fit’
  • Have tried dating and being in relationships but there just no one ‘special’ on the horizon
  • Having difficulty raising a family
  • Struggling to find your place in life and much more

I could go on but the gist of this is that;  you are aware there is something deeper in you, a calling to something undefined that is bigger and greater than you have words for; and this calling is asking you to show up in the world with your gifts and talents to make a contribution and to make a difference, but you are not even sure what this is and what these  gifts and talents might be and what happens if you do and what happens if you don’t.

How do you benefit?

Together we work towards clearly defined outcomes that you wish to bring into your environment;

Better time and stress level management;

Tips and tools for managing stressful situations through energy and breathwork in unobtrusive ways allowing you to stay calm, cool and collected;

Improved sleep;

Improved relationships at work and at home

Clarity of thought and focus allowing you to get clearer insight

Strategies and outcomes built for you as you go along

Building steps towards the greatest relationship you can have in life – that is with your own inner self, we work on self confidence, self love and self acceptance just as you are right now.

There is no quick fix, or get rich quick scheme but there is the work you put into developing yourself and the best investment you make is your self development.

What I offer to you from the various therapies, workshops, lectures and introductory talks comes from an act of spiritual service to a wider audience as part of my mission in life which is as a transformational catalyst to awaken you to the wide range of skills, talents and abilities inherent within you and to your spiritual awareness of the gift within you.

The results you get out working with me in any of the above will be up you.  You get out of life what you put into life”. 

As a transformational catalyst, my many years of study include Analytical Psychology, Psychotherapy (M.A.), Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Aura Soma,  Colour Healing, Reiki, Energy Healing Approaches, Modern Energy and Meridian Taping, EFT, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and years of intensive training in Spiritual Metaphysics, Counselling and New Thought teachings, and Coaching Development.  I have taught and facilitated workshops and in the past 10 years and look forward to delivering these to you through online services.

I offer an initial free 20 minute consultation via skype prior to booking a first appointment.  If you are interested, please drop me an email  or ring me to arrange  a suitable time.

My areas of work can be defined in the following 
    • Holistic Integrative Therapy – Psychotherapy/Metaphysical Counselling/Hypnotherapy and Energy Modalities
    • Cutting edge stand alone Energy Therapies
    • Bespoke Coaching
    • Specialist Services – Intuitive Readings/FLP and Ask and Receive
  • Workshops and teleseminars face to face in person and over online webinars in wide array of personal development addressing mind, body and spirit in a dynamic and holistic approach.

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