Holistic Integrative Therapy – Solution Focused


Are you lost or seeking your direction in life? Do you know where you are heading?  Are you at a standstill or simply resting, reflecting and needing some support from emerging through challenging situations? Are you looking to be a = winner in life, then come work with me because, Winnie is a Winner.

If you are looking for a breakthrough then it this is the time to consider getting some specialist assistance.

Having gone down the route in the past of offering purely conventional talk therapies based on highly academic training, I now choose to offer my work as an Holistic Therapist where your sessions will be integrated with psychotherapy/Metaphysical counselling/Hypnotherapy and Energy Modalities.

This way of working for me offers the best value investment in your wellbeing.

My aim to help you address challenging situations that throw you off kilter and find the resources within you to address this and bring you back into balance in life by empowering you with skills in which you can access an infinite amount of resources.

Who this is suitable for: Anyone who has tried the conventional approach to talk therapies, and have seemingly not been able to move forward and are now willing to investigate a different way of being;

Those looking to improve their approach to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing understanding that this is linked.

Who this may not suit?

Counselling students on professional counselling training looking for mentorship or a supervisor – I do not offer this service.

Those looking for conventional stand alone academic therapy approaches –  I do not discount this type of training, and indeed have a background in academic counselling therapies and will continue to invest in my academic training, but the way now that I work is very different on my path of individuation to when I started 20 years ago.

Psycho-Spiritual (Metaphysical) Counseling

Metaphysical Counselling is a Holistic Counselling therapy.

I am a member of the BRCP and MSEC Society as a licenced facilitator and practitioner and am registered with the BRCP as a senior practitioner.

Further information of the MSEC can be found on the next page or by clicking this MSEC link.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy takes the latest and most up to date information of how the brain works using Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, NLP and much more to create a unique treatment plan for you.