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What if you knew within you there was a power so great that you can have the capacity to tap into this power to change your life for the better. What would you do? What changes would you make?  How would you start living your life in the ‘Now’ ?

This power is within you, in the untapped portions of the brain, connecting into the Theta brainwave, which taps into our unlimited potential and using the One Command ™process we make changes in our physical, emotional and neurological state, literally re-wiring the neural pathways in the brain.

Using my background in transformational change in psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and powerful energy modality approaches I can, through the Power of the One Command process help you find though 6 simple steps and is the basis of the foundation I apply when coaching.

  • The power to transform your life and create the life you desire; 
  • Find purpose in your life and how to start to live it;
  • Get clarity on what you want out of life and what is keeping you stuck;
To see how I can help you why not contact me for an initial discovery consultation.

 “The attitude of The One Command® Executive Success Coach is to be aligned with the greatness that is right within each person and to know that greatness – to hold that idea within yourself” Asara Lovejoy

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This section is just to give you a flavour of the type of specialist coaching areas I work with and have taken extra certification in delivering this area of expertise

Project You ™ Coaching: you

Can be applied to so many areas of our life where we may get stuck:  business, personal or in life itself.  I’ve yet to hear of a journey that has no corners, no turns, no bumps and bruises… even the hero and heroine in fairy tales have to go through some steep challenges to get to their end result.

Project You helps you to:

  • Identify beliefs that limit you and you believe to be true and help you release them;
  • Identify the things about you that need to be put into action for you to create ‘flow’ and teach you how to do it


Learning to Learn Coaching ™

Learning can be fun and enjoyable.   What if you knew that there is an easier way to learn in the way that is right for you to retain that information and to recall it.  Everyone learns in a different way and we can turn learning into fun at any age in an easy and effective way.

Amongst other things we will look at:

  • Get rid of those beliefs that you can’t learn or that you’re stupid.
  • Understanding your thinking and learning style

winningWinning Mind Coaching ™

Is a way of turning ambition in to achievement.  Your mind does not know the difference between what’s real and what is imagined. Imagine using a mobile with poor connection limits your interaction  so too with mindsets with the world. It’s like you operating on a failure, fear, bad, negative, poverty, worry, impossibility infested mindset.

  • Move from failure to power
  • Move from impossible to I AM Possible

duck-relationshipsRelationship Coaching – Lovebirds ™

Relationships can bring up wonderful feelings and also difficult negative ones such as anger, jealousy, frustration, fear, unhappiness, insecurity and much more. Relationships are not just about being in a relationship with a partner;  it is about you in the world at work with your colleagues, your friends, your family and your partner. 

I work with individuals and with couples, depending what is needed.   My aim is to:

  • resolve hurt or conflict; in the office or at home
  • increase mutual respect, understanding and empathy; 

“The greatest relationship you will ever have is the one you build within yourself”. Winniefred Carneiro

treasure-chest-619876_1280-1Prosperity Coaching  ™

Prosperity coaching in a nutshell is about letting go of negative beliefs within our minds in allowing and attracting abundance to come to us, whether physical, emotional or financial.  However the work to erase these beliefs does require you to do some inner work to start to build your life in a new direction.

Prosperity Coaching will work on your individual prosperity issues and give you a bespoke tailored programme as well as energy tools and techniques

  • Receiving – Can you?
  • Fixed income – Who fixed it?
  • Asking – Do you?

So finally, only you can decide if you are ready to move from the place you find yourself stuck in to the place you want to move towards; to take that journey of self discovery.

So when you decide to commit to being the best you there is and when you choose to work with me as your coach; together we will create dynamic change.


“We are more than what we do, much more than what we accomplish, far more than what we possess” William Arthur Ward

How do I start?

I offer a free 20 minute telehone/Skype call in which you can speak to me about what it is that you wish to address, after that we can make an initial first assessment appointment

Contact me on email at [email protected] or via mobile on

07952 753 916 to make an appointment to have a no obligation chat.