Metaphysical Society

mountains-593178_640What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a philosophy that maintains we live in a Universe of Infinite Intelligence which permeates all of existence. Our Spiritual Nature is one of total harmony, at One with the Intelligence.

When we are out of alignment with our True Self, we experience conflict and difficulties. The work of a Metaphysical Practitioner to rebalance us.

How is it different to other forms of counselling?

This approach helps shed new light on challenging situations and everyday issues. We  work with psychological and spiritual solutions, so you gain personal breakthroughs, deeper insights and a fresh approach to any problem and we teach you practical tools you can use in any situation you encounter.


We empower you to empower yourself

Advanced Training

My registration is with the BRCP and MSEC as a senior licenced facilitator with the Metaphysical Society.

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Introduction to Self – Awareness;

Module A – The 12 Keys.