Angel and Ascension Courses


Way back in 2003 I was awakened one night by a powerful premonitory dream that was followed by continued gentle nudges that continued for a few months.  On my path of personal and spiritual development I regularly attended self-development and meditation classes for several years.

Taking action on that dream would see me travel halfway across the world to train with Dr Doreen Virtue in USA on her ATP® and Mediumship courses and simultaneously continued with my training in the UK with Diana Cooper as an Angel and Ascension Facilitator.

Following those intuitive leads was challenging for me. Though I was raised understanding the existence of angels and archangels as a child, within traditional spiritual beliefs, I didn’t know what to make of this new dimension.  Little did I know that this path of my unfolding and spiritual development was to kick-start my quest on to a deeper understanding of the study of metaphysics and energy, and over the ensuing years would lead to the opening of my heart, the gateway to love.

I have taught adult education classes on Angels and Ascension and invite you to attend a workshop or course on topics such as:

Working with the Archangels
Manifesting with the Angels
Angels and the Chakras
Opening your heart to Love

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