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Frequently asked questions

What is hypnosis?

It’s an altered state of awareness – a light trance which we go in and out of all day.  It’s like being so engrossed in the latest t.v. serial that all your attention goes there.

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe.  We go in and out of trance states daily without even realising it.

Will I lose control?

You are always in control.  You can respond to dangers and be alert when you need to be.  I cannot make you do anything against your will.  It’s not helpful of me to do or say something that you are not happy with.

Will I be fixed by just being magically hypnotised?

No, I don’t wave a magic wand and your situation disappears.  Cog. Hyp. is an interactive therapy, where I act as a guide to help you find your own solutions. There is homework involved and the more effort you put in the more you will get out of it.

How is Cognitive Hypnotherapy different to other hypnotherapy approaches?

It combines a study of body and mind which is based in modern neuroscience and the latest ideas from Positive and Evolutionary Psychology, Gestalt, NLP tools and techniques and hypnotherapy.   This framework when applied in a therapeutic modality becomes a very effective and powerful  tool.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes and no.  Let me explain.  Trance is normal natural state that we go in and out of on a daily basis. All hypnosis is self hypnosis and all I am doing is getting you into a deliberate guided relaxed state for a specific purpose.

You can however choose not to enter into that relaxing state for various reasons.  Hypnotherapy is the ‘action’ we apply i.e. the tools and the dialogue we have between us in the therapy context and hypnosis is the ‘altered state we go into’.

Why are assessments necessary?

There are certain guidelines we have to follow so that I can make sure that I have the right information before us and to see whether I can help you.  Also if you are under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, I would not carry out hypnosis.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No.  Think of you having a daydream, you can snap your fingers and come out of this daydream when you wish as soon as you wish.  So for example if I left the room for a few minutes, you would soon snap out of your daydream, or become bored and open your eyes or fall into a restful state and awaken refreshed in your own time.

What does it feel like?

It’s different for everyone, generally it aims be relaxing state of being and for others they might feel their senses on a heightened alert.  There really is no right or wrong answer because everyone is different and will experience it differently.

Can a Cognitive Hypnotherapist guarantee results?

As a Integrative therapist in a wide range of disciplines including Cognitive Hypnotherapy,  I can tell you that this approach to therapy is about you taking responsibility for the changes you wish to see in your life.  As a  therapist  I can guide you, hold the space for you, but I can’t take your journey for you, neither can I guarantee you a 100% result.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes: please give me as much notice as possible of changes or cancellations as I often have a waiting list of people who could take a therapy slot. If you book a session with me and cancel it with less than 24 hours notice the I reserve the right to charge you the 50% of my fee, except in exceptional circumstances; you can contact me by email, text or leave a message on my mobile if I am unable to answer your call.

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