Smoking Cessation

As an additional aspect to my training with Quest I have also  trained  as a Simmons Method Practitioner.  Based on  research the Simmons Method uses cutting edge neuro-scientific research.

I am trained to understand much more about how smoking effects the landscape of the brain, which hijacks the internal motivation and reward system making it difficult to stop the smoking.

If you are ready to give up smoking, will-power alone is not going to be enough. Others may have over the counter substitutes such as nicotine patches, or gum. Some will have seen hypnotherapists before or taken some other therapy or smoking cessation approach which has led to you stopping smoking, if that applies to you, then well done to you.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

For those who seem to struggle, start, stop, quit, and then some crisis occurs or your out with your friends and you are offered ‘just one’…and you think to yourself, ‘just this one and then I’ll quit’… but something seems to have gone wrong with that plan?  Your head tells you that you really want to be a non-smoker but at times your actions take you in another direction?

It’s important to understand this… that this is not your fault.. really, it’s actually the ‘nicotine trick’, where your brain is hijacked into believing it just have one more…90% of our behaviour is controlled by our unconscious mind and this is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to stop smoking on a conscious level.

Some of the benefits to you might be that:

  • You would look better
  • You would feel better
  • You would certainly smell better
  • Your teeth would be cleaner and your dental care would also have a positive impact;
  • Food would taste better
  • You would be able to breath better, clean, fresh air on a sparkling early dewy day.

Using a wide range of techniques and tools through Cognitive Hypnotherapy we can help you become re-educated to a new change so that when you are in those situations that trigger events… because life is always presenting us with situations, you will have self help tools to use giving you the control you need to address those moments, and that is how you will move forward, moment by moment.

Then why not come and have a chat with me to see what I can do to help you.  Hypnosis is just one of the tools we will use to help you stop smoking and make your desire for a new identity as a non-smoker a permanent and sustainable one.

What’s different about this method?

My aim is to help you by looking at your reasons for smoking because all behaviour has a reason and the outcome may not be a positive one.. but it is a way of coping and what you stand to gain by choosing to be an non-smoker. That’s what I really want to hear and this information is what we are going to start with to make your change into reality.

Working with the Simmons Method

The Simmons Method aims to help you understand much more about what is happening to you, and this training enables me to create bespoke treatments which help you to break all associations that are unique to you that trigger the smoking in you. So it uses more than just general hypnotherapy suggestions, it is a detailed, tailored therapy approach that is based on you.

One of the single most important reasons people don’t want to give up smoking is because of fear.. what if they will no longer be able to hang out with their friends; or put on weight; or losing something that helps them cope… and if you have been saving up for a mortgage or for your dream holiday or that car… then I have another surprise for you.. when I show you the maths of how many thousands, yes £’000’s over the years your habit has cost you, you will be shocked.

 Session structure and your investment:

I offer an initial free video online chat via zoom or Skype for 20 minutes. This appointment must be pre booked

If I agree to take you on as a client and you want to work with me then before the session begins we will be going through some assigned pre-session tasks and logbook and after the first consultation you will need  to email me your logbook  in advance of the session a few days before hand.

The hypnotherapy stop smoking cessation sessions will consist of 4 sessions ideally held weekly.  Your first session will last 1.5hrs and thereafter it will be weekly  1 hour sessions

Bespoke Mp3 or CD recording for support tailored to your needs which will be provided to you after your session in a few days.

I offer one follow up session (related to smoking only) – should any unexpected trigger that we didn’t cover in the actual face to face session rear it’s head within 6 months at NO additional charge.

It is really important that I offer my clients everything they need to stay happily free of the smoking completely and ideally for good.

The package includes support via email and phone.

Important: If you are thinking of doing this because you ‘think you should’ or a ‘friend or member of the family is pushing you’ to do this then please wait until you are ready to do this for yourself, because for hypnotherapy to be most effective YOU really must want to quit and that means making that commitment for yourself.  Are you interested in learning more about the habit and moving towards the possibility of making that commitment to stop the smoking?

Your investment:  The rate is £300 for the package.

Yes this is more expensive than ordinary stop smoking packages; a lot of work is going to go into the sessions to make it a bespoke experience for you.  Ask yourself whether you are willing to invest in a service that can help you with your into desire to release an addiction

 The decision whether you choose to invest in your health and wellbeing, is entirely up to you. 

I offer an free  initial 20 minute chat via zoom or Skype.  Should you then decide to go ahead you will be asked to pay £75 for your initial assessment at your first session.  If you are interested, please drop me an email, or use the contact me form on the website, or ring me to arrange  a time for a telephone session and we will proceed from there.