Angel Therapy – Intuitive Consultation No 2


What are Angels?

Angels are highly evolved spiritual beings who come from the Angelic Realm, the heart of God and are sent to us to assist us.  Everything has a vibration and angels have a very high light vibration which is usually invisible to the human eye.

Why come for a Intuitive Consultation?

At this point of your life you may be searching for answers, healing, insight, guidance or direction.  We all have the profound ability to receive these answers for ourselves, but in times of chaos and confusion we reach out to another for clarity and stability.  When seeking specific guidance we become attached to the outcome. We have to learn to surrender to be open to the way the help comes in. Often the block that we perceive as being the problem is not it.  It’s more our unconscious programming  and belief system that need to be adjusted.

What kind of issues or questions can I focus on?

Really, it’s up to you.  You can choose any issue or question relating to any aspect of your life.  This may be Finances, Money, Relationships, Health, Wellbeing, Career, or anything else and I will hold the space for you to receive deep insight.

The purpose of the session is to receive guidance and insight so you can make the best decisions. The sessions are always conducted in an energetic atmosphere that is loving, beautiful, supportive and which connects to your true desires and your heart centre.  I also incorporate healing approaches to clear any blocks.

As a licensed and trained workshop facilitator I have trained in person in the USA with Doreen Virtue as an ATP facilitator as well as with Diana Cooper in the UK as a facilitator with the Diana Cooper School.  I offer you the opportunity to work with any deep seated issues that may arise from the session later on in an Integrative Counselling format should this be appropriate for you.

What previous clients have said about an ATP session:

“My angel reading came at a tough time in my life (but it got much tougher six months later).  Winnie told me that I would eventually have happy families but not as I was expecting.  My husband passed away suddenly less than a year later, but nine years on, my family is happy now – my children and I have worked though a lot of grief/baggage etc., and I believe we’ve come through the other side.

Winnie told me lots more, but what I remember most was coming home walking, and in every cloud formation in the beautiful, blue June afternoon sky, was an angel.  I felt blessed and loved.  Thank you Winnie”.


Your investment:
1.5 hours at £150.00 will include in-depth reading; energy clearing and coaching on the way forward
1 hour reading at £75.00  
Payment by cash, cheque or paypal transfer (pending)

Intuitive Readings on Angel Therapy can be held via skype if face to face session work is not possible.  Please ask for details. 

Cancellation Policy: Please  give 48 hrs. notice of cancellation by telephone, otherwise normal fees will apply.

Please note that I don’t work in a predictive manner as “Nothing is set in stone and we are always free to re-frame our situations and conditions in life according to the spiritual law of free will. The decision for change always rests with us”.

An Intuitive Consultation or Reading is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. The outcome and responsibility of you taking any action on advice arising from an Intuitive Consultation/Reading is left to you as an individual and at your own risk

Contact Details: [email protected]
Tel: 07952 753 916 (M) UK