How coaching sessions work


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How do I start?

I offer a free 20 minute telehone/Skype call in which you can speak to me about what it is that you wish to address, after that we can make an initial first assessment appointment.

What happens at the first session?

The Initial Discovery session  is up to two hours long.  Please understand that you cannot come with perhaps 6 major challenges and expect them to be fixed at the discovery session.  What I am able to do at the discovery session is assess, grade and agree with you the major issues of importance that you want attending to.

I am then able to work out a specific tailor made bespoke treatment plan that will include coaching homework, therapy within sessions where applicable and MP3 recordings as necessary in-between sessions to address the issues

Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions are between 60-75 minutes and available in single consultations. Packages of 3 or more sessions depending on the issues you work with will be offered at a greater discounted rate.

Why work with me?

Working with a coach allows you to grow at a faster rate. The biggest support is having accountability. Sometimes the greatest decision you can make is to get outside help.  It is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of strength.

How to know if coaching is the next step for you?

Coaching helps you to create a life and work that is exciting, aligned you’re your purpose, and are grounded in personal values for now and the future.


  • If you are ready for change but are not getting the results you want;
  • Are ready and willing to grow out of your comfort zone; and
  • There is a space between where you are and where you desire to be

Benefits of working with me

If you have experienced limiting beliefs or negative emotions from the past, or are experiencing challenges which stand in the way of you creating your ideal future NOW, then these sessions will allow you to address them once and for all, quickly, easily and effortlessly.

Sessions can be held face to face or over Skype

Price on application and package: Bronze, Silver and Gold – Tailored to your needs.

I don’t do quick fixes as they tend to be superficial and short lived, so I ask that you are willing to invest your time and effort for the sole purpose of increasing your chance of long term success.

What happens next?

Contact me for a no obligation chat to see if coaching is the right approach for you.

Payment by cash, cheque, paypal (Pending)  or bank transfer only


Please note that at all sessions I will undertake a case history and if you are under the care of the medical profession for treatment, I am duly informed and also if you need to be referred to a specialist for your health care if it is outside of the scope of my role as a therapist.