Hello and welcome to Wynsworld Therapies

Hello,  I’m Winniefred Carneiro, M.A, the founder of Wynsworld Therapies.

As a Transformational Catalyst I assist clients to overcome difficult challenges and who are looking for holistic and practical solutions to create a balanced and creative life.

“My mission is to awaken the light of inner awareness within you to help you live the life that you desire.”

Would you like to work with me?

I have been in practice for over 20 years staring in as a therapist in 1997, and now with the benefit of modern technology I am also able to assist clients from all around the world via Zoom/Sykpe or telephone.  (My preference is online because I love to interact with you face to face!)

My spiritual journey began over 30 years ago with training and personal development starting with holistic complementary therapy approaches working with the body, psychic development, going down the part of academic training in a wide range of  talk therapies and numerous diplomas and certifications in energy psychology work have given me a great insight into people and situations and although I focus my work from a holistic perspective, I am aware of the fact that although our true nature is limitless we are at the same time having to deal with everyday human problems.

So who do I work with? As a metaphysical practitioner I honour and respect each individual’s own belief system. I also help clients who don’t believe in any particular philosophy but who may currently be struggling with a particular challenge in their life that they want to handle more effectively or work towards changing.

As a transformational catalyst, my many years of study include Analytical and orthodox Psychology, Psychotherapy (M.A.), Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Aura Soma,  Colour Healing, Reiki, Energy Healing Approaches, Modern Energy and Meridian Taping, EFT, years of intensive training in Spiritual Metaphysics, Counselling and New Thought teachings, and Coaching Development.  I have taught and facilitated workshops and in the past 10 years and look forward to delivering these to you through online services.

I offer an initial free 20 minute consultation via skype prior to booking a first appointment.  If you are interested, please drop me an email  or ring me to arrange  a suitable time.

My hours of work are Mon – Friday 3.30 to 7pm, weekends, online and limited in person for London.

For overseas clients skype/zoom sessions are available late night Friday evening, all day Saturday and up to midday on Sunday [GMT} times.

My areas of work can be defined in the following 
    • Holistic Integrative Therapy – Psychotherapy/Metaphysical Counselling/Hypnotherapy and Energy Modalities
    • Cutting edge stand alone Energy Therapies
    • Bespoke Coaching
    • Specialist Services – Intuitive Readings/FLP and Ask and Receive
  • Workshops and teleseminars face to face in person and over online webinars in wide array of personal development addressing mind, body and spirit in a dynamic and holistic approach.

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Online store: Energy vibrational bath salts and Astro Aura Sacred Soul Salts – Colour and Numerology Reading

I am hugely delighted to announce a new addition to my services – energy infused bathsalts to bring into balance the body, mind and soul.  This is a wonderful resource that can help you unwind, relax, meditate and focus your intention and energy for when you need it most.  I invite you to click on the above links to go to the pages direct.  Thank you.


Contact Details

email:  wynsworld.therapies@gmail.com

Tel: (M) 07952 753 916