I offer a free 20 minute assessment telephone or Skype conversation which you can book ahead to secure a timeslot to discuss your requirements.

Therapy work is now in an integrative format:

Integrative Psychotherapy & Psycho-Spiritual Counselling / Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Initial session and assessment £65.00 for 1.5hours

Integrative Therapy Sessions integrating energy 1hr £55.00

Intuitive Consultations:

Initial Future Life Progression Session

Cost and Duration:1.5 hrs – £150.00

Second and subsequent FLP sessions:

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £75.00

Angel Therapy Intuitive Consultation:

Cost and duration: 1.5 hours at £150.00 will include in-depth reading; energy clearing and coaching on the way forward; or
1 hour reading at £75.00

 Ask and Receive Consultation:

Cost and Duration:1.5 hrs – £150.00

Second and subsequent A & R sessions:

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £75.00

Energy Modalities & Complementary Therapy Approaches:

Chakra Balancing/Energy Healing Rejuvenating Sessions:

  Cost: 1 hour at £55.00

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)            Cost: 1 hour at £55.00

Theta Healing®                                               Cost: 1 hour at £55.00
Reflexology                                                     Cost: 1 hour at £55.00

Smoking cessation service: see specialist page £450.00

Coaching Corner

  • One Command Executive Coaching
  • Winning Mind
  • Project You
  • Learning to Learn
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Prosperity Coaching

Coaching packages available. Price on application after assessment

Discovery Coaching Initial Session & Assessment – 2hrs

Single Session Coaching 1 hr

Cancellation Policy

Please give me as much notice as possible of changes or cancellations as I often have a waiting list of people who could take a therapy slot. If you book a session with me and cancel it with less than 24 hours notice the I reserve the right to charge you the 50% of my fee, except in exceptional circumstances; you can contact me by email, text or leave a message on my mobile if I am unable to answer your call.


Your investment in the therapy sessions I offer are as above.  If you are suffering genuine hardship you can apply for a consultation on this website where I take on a limited number of clients for some sessions under reduced rates for Integrative Therapy.  These are subject to individual assessment and are for a limited amount of sessions only.

A low cost rate does not apply to any Coaching or to the Specialist Services range

  • Contact: Winniefred Carneiro M.A.
  • email: wynsworld.therapies@gmail.com
  • mobile: 07952 753 916

How to Pay:  At appointment face to face – cash/cheque or PAYM/ or mobile transfer

For online skype clients – in advance of session by PAYM or mobile transfer or directly at start of session.